The moment I laid eyes on this stunning photo of lavender, and noticed the Katydid pausing as if intoxicated by the heavenly aroma of the lavender, I was curious! Was there a meaning out there about Katydid’s? So I did some research and found this passage below which spoke to my heart. Perfect discription as I begin this new soulful adventure here at Black Sheep Flea.

The Book Animal Wise by Ted Andrews found on said: These animals (insects) teach us how to blend and shift our energies, to change how we have been approaching things. We may during this time try doing things a different way. These animals (Insects) often show up in the beginning of a new endeavor when individuals are initiating new lines of work and creative activities ~

With Great Anticipation and Excitement

I am Proud to Announce Black Sheep Flea will Debut Fabulous One-of-a-Kind Vintage Flea Market Home and Garden Designs at the Vintage White Market.

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Black Sheep Flea’s Sneak Peeks Debuting at the Vintage White Market.



Black Sheep Flea is so excited to unveil all of our Unique Vintage Home and Garden Collective Designs exclusively debuting at The Vintage White Market, March 13th and 14th. (Our fabulous photos were taken by Tanner Affleck who has recently been named “Peaches.”)



I am excited to have such beautiful friends join me at the Market this year for Black Sheep Flea’s debut by bringing their unique talents and creativity. Collectively we hope to “knock your socks off” with unique vintage and vintage inspired home and garden designs.

Last year was the first time I had ever heard of the Vintage White Market. I stumbled across one of my favorite blog sites announcing the flea market was going to be in Utah. I wondered why I had not heard of it before, just the idea of a Upscale Flea Market coming to Utah made my heart beat alittle faster. I had to go!

I called a few of my friends and off we went. The lines leading into the show was impressive, many early enthusiast carrying their market bags antcipating the treasures they would find behind the entrance door.

Once we walked in I seriously started to shake with excitment. I clearly had found my “Happy” place. The displays were magazine ready and the energy was magical. This event was upscale flea market heaven in it’s finest attire. I was hooked and Black Sheep Flea was born. More Info can be found at

Although, the idea of Black Sheep started almost five years ago, the direction was still in play. Finding Black Sheeps home has led me to this moment and time. It is only now I am ready to give birth in essence to Black Sheep Flea and take that leap of faith! I did embracing all that I love and taking it with me.

I hope to meet you at the Vintage White Market March 13th & 14th. It’s the talk of the town, and the “buzz” is all that and more. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we roll out some sneak peeks in the coming weeks before the show.


With Gratitude,