Beautiful Adventures Testimonials

The Girlfriends Beautiful

Adventure to Waco and the Round Top Texas Antiques Week was so special. Suzie Stroup carefully planned for every detail with fabulous results. We dined at beautiful restaurants with excellent cuisine. Our accommodations at the Fixer Upper German Schemer House in Waco and the Vintage Round Top in Round Top Texas were immaculate, unique and, utterly delightful. Activities in both locales were scheduled and carried out smoothly and on time with fun and unique surprises liberally sprinkled in.  I am definitely planning on going on another Beautiful Adventure with Suzie. 

Kathy Hassler 

I was so fortunate to be able to join my sister on the 2nd annual Beautiful Adventures trip to Waco and Antique Week Round Top, Texas. Suzie created a seamless itinerary filled with top if the line gotta see sites and activities mixed with rest and relaxation at wonderful venues. The week was filled with wonderful surprises and great camaraderie. It was truly a wonderful, stress free vacation where all the work was taken out of it, thanks to Suzie’s attention to detail. I can’t wait for her next one!

Debra Johnston
Black Hills of South Dakota

Traveling with Suzie to visit the RoundTop antique fair was a dream come true. I couldn’t  believe my good luck when I happened upon her website that described the places I had longed to visit. Suzie made each day special by planning every detail, securing the best places to stay, wonderful restaurants, and providing us with special surprises at every turn. The trip was a wonderful way to travel stress free, meet new friends, and enjoy the company of my two sisters.

Lacey Jane

I attended Beautiful Adventures to Waco and Round Top Texas this fall planned and presented by Suzie Stroup .WOW isnʼt quite enough to describe this BC day over the top experience. BC days of perfection from meals to fabulous swag bags, of surprise soirées to a personal driver at our beck and call. Vintage shopping, supurb lodging. Suzie is perfection as a planner and hostess she didnʼt miss a beat on making this a great girls getaway. I highly recommend her Beautiful Adventures for a care free exquisite trip you will always cherish.

Debbie Harker

I signed up for this last year’s Beautiful Adventures and, I will say, it was, probably,  the best trip I’ve ever been on.  I am usually the one in my family that plans everything.   I know what it’s like to try to make everyone happy.  Almost IMPOSSIBLE!  Anyway, Suzie made the trip impeccable.   I felt so spoiled and taken care of.  I was able to just enjoy every aspect of the trip without lifting a finger.  Literally,  every part of the trip was thought out and made to make all of us feel like queens.  From our driver, Lawrence, to each place we went, it was true perfection.   I can’t wait until next year, to, most definitely,  experience the best luxurious girls trip anyone could dream of.  Thank you, Suzie, for a trip that far exceeded my expectations!!!  Love you!!! 

 Paula Stackhouse 

I have been super fortunate to have been a guest on host Suzie Stroup’s first MCBN Beautiful Adventures to Washington’s San Juan Islands and again on her second MCBP Beautiful Adventures to Waco and Round Top, Texas.  On both trips, Suzie had every minute and detail carefully thought out in advance.  We received monthly news letters prior to our trip outlining events, accommodations, cuisine, expected weather, what to pack, transportation, etc. which left us with few unknowns and a lot of excited anticipation. Our accommodations were always first class and the cuisine was extraordinary!  Two precious things I took away from both trips were beautiful lasting friendships from new best friends and lifelong amazing memories.  Suzie is kind, thoughtful, talented in so many ways, and I am blessed to call her my forever friend.  I’ll gladly follow her anywhere! 

Rebecca Karisny

Dear Suzie,

I can’t thank you enough!! Our girl’s trip to Washington and British Columbia went way beyond my expectations!! It was first class all the way. The High Tea, the Inn, the luncheons and dinners, the special surprises and even our driver who knew exactly where to take us and was always on time…. they were all the finest and greatest! Even with so many sights to see and unique and special stores to shop, it was still so relaxing and yet, invigorating at the same time! I don’t know how you arranged so many things to do, but it was all perfect! The special treatment we received from the store owners, innkeepers and Chef’s was enough to make this trip memorable, but there was even so much more! Black Sheep Flea Adventure will go down in history as one of my all time favorite trips ever!! Best of all… the friendships we made and the laughs we shared!! Everyone should experience a get-away like this!! Thank you again for making it such an amazing adventure and truly, a memorable event!!

Much love,
Lisa Mott

I was one of the lucky ones that had the opportunity to book with Black Sheep Flea Adventures on their inaugural trip . I can attest that it was a trip of a lifetime for me. Suzie put together the most amazing six days of shopping, sight-seeing, dining, etc. She has impeccable taste and we were the recipients of shopping the most amazing fun little shops and fine dining in very quaint locations! Our lodging accommodations were first rate, with unbelievable and breathtaking views. Each and every detail of the trip had been planned and coordinated, making sure that we felt pampered each and everyday. The trip exceeded all of my expectations and then some. The group of ladies that joined me on the trip were some of the best. The trip created a wonderful bonding experience for us all and we will remain lifelong friends. I will be forever grateful for this incredible experience!

Cathy Page

Quite by accident, my two daughters and I heard about the First Black Sheep Flea Adventure to the San Juan Island area. After researching the trip website, without knowing anyone involved, we decided to take a chance and signed up immediately, since it was limited…. a decision for which we are so grateful to have made! Each month leading up to our adventure, Suzie Stroup, our trip guru, sent newsletters, detailing each individual day of the trip, including places we would visit, where we would dine, what type of clothing we would need and beautiful photos and websites to drool over in anticipation. She also encouraged texts and emails amongst the participants so that we could get to know one another. When we actually met the first day, I felt I knew everyone, just needing to put a name with a face. Instead of going on and on about everybeautiful,extraordinary aspect of this adventure, I will simply say, it was perfect in every way! It was luxurious, exciting, fun and worth every penny and then some! Through our incredible shared experiences, the nine of us will forever be connected. I feel we made lifetime memories with amazing women that will last forever! Suzie, our adventure designer, our super organized organizer and our creative creator of absolutely everything was the sole reason that this trip and all of our new best travel buddies will be in each other’s hearts and memories forever!

Rebecca Karisny

I was blessed enough to go on the first annual beautiful girlfriend getaway. I can’t say enough about the wonderful time I had! We didn’t have to worry about anything! Everything was arranged from where we ate, to our awesome activities, to the beautiful Inn we stayed at. Suzy was such a gracious host and I’m grateful to now call her my friend. I actually have lots of new friends from this wonderful experience . I definitely hope to be able to go on more of these beautiful girlfriend getaways!

Jill Jorganson

A trip of a lifetime! Our girlfriends luxury getaway was such a special time that was full of fun, inspiration, new friends and memories to last a lifetime! Suzie and her assistant Kim are masters of organization ! We did not have to worry about a thing and it took so much of the usual stress out of a vacation. We learned so much, laughed until we cried, made friends that will last a lifetime and felt like a VIP for the entire week! Suzie is not only an inspirational teacher and trip planner, she is an even better human with a heart of gold! Thank you Suzie for making us feel so special on this amazing adventure! Time and money well spent!

Amy Hassler

if you are looking for a trip of a lifetime you have found it! From the moment you sign up to the hugs goodbye, Suzie has thought of everything! Every detail big or small is taken care of ahead of time and runs seamlessly. The best part is YOU don’t have to do it! It was hands down the best vacation I have been on because of the people and the most relaxing due to not having to worry about anything. Suzie is incredibly talented at organizing down to the smallest detail, making it look effortless, willing to go the extra mile for anything you need and has an incredible heart to boot! The quaint shops, stores, towns, cafes, and restaurants we visited were unique and wonderful! We all gained inspirational tips along the way, but more importantly, we gained friendships that will withstand the test of time. None of us were sure how it was going to go when you get nine women who don’t know each other altogether for a Beautiful Luxurious Girlfriends Getaway….it was exactly what the soul needed! No matter the destination, the experiences you get to share with your new best friends are beyond priceless and will create forever memories. We truly laughed until we cried and then cried when we had to leave! I am forever thankful for the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Jen Meyer