Savoring Inspiration is essential to my creative soul and spirit. I find that every creative being craves that place or places in life where you fill up your creative bucket. Once filled, it brings your focus back to mindfulness, a place where your authentic self can pause to reflect on your blessings.

Mindfulness to me is being intentional and purposeful. I aspire to live a life inspired while seeking to live and create a business through grace. Living in this moment.

While enjoying sunny California this past weekend on a business trip for Black Sheep Flea, it was a joy to visit one of my favorite inspirational places in Newport Beach. Rogers Gardens  is a slice of creative heaven on earth. I felt renewed and so inspired by the incredible talents who create such fabulous garden designs. I savored every moment. Enjoy!

BSF Photo 1 42215

BSF Photo 2 422.15

BSF Photo 3 42215

With Gratitude,