I have three daughters. A couple of years ago my oldest daughter made a comment about not knowing a lot about me as a person, only as a mom. That comment really struck me. I’m not one to talk much about subjects that are very private and that I keep very close to my heart. But if anyone should know how I feel and what I believe about the things that are close to my heart and sacred to me, it should be my children. These are the beliefs that define who I am….. and my children should know who I am, what I believe, what I value, what things are most important to me and what I hold close to my heart.

So I started writing vignettes to them on different subjects, trying to help them see and understand me as a person, not just a mom. I know as they have read some of the vignettes they have been a little surprised and yet appreciative that they have learned something they didn’t know about their mom while at the same time thinking, “Oh, that explains a lot about mom and some of the things she does.”

Today is Easter and I am sharing Vignette #2 with you. God, Prayer and Faith are very important to me. My feelings and beliefs about these subjects are not visible to people. My personal practice of Prayer, Faith and relationship with God is not visible, it’s personal and private. But today I’m sharing.

These are my personal thoughts on God, Prayer and Faith.

Vignette #2
God, Prayer and Faith

There’s nothing more important than believing God loves every one of us, being humble enough to pray to him and having faith that he will listen and guide you when you most need it.

I pray every day, many times a day. I pray to thank God for all of the blessings I have. For all of the opportunities I have had. For all of the experiences that have made me a stronger person. I thank Him daily for my beautiful daughters and precious grandson. I ask Him daily to keep my family safe. I pray for guidance and strength. I ask Him if I’m making the right choices, or should I go in a different direction. I pray for forgiveness. Sometimes I pray just to get through the day. I pray in secret and I pray out loud. When I feel the least deserving of His Grace, when my heart is breaking, is when I pray the most, longest and hardest. I know God is always there no matter what!

I only hope you can know this as well. When you need help and guidance, when you don’t know what do, which way to turn, when your heart is breaking, when you need the answer, or confirmation that you are doing the right thing… please pray. Humble yourself, fall to your knees and pour out your heart and soul to God. Say it out loud, cry out loud. He will embrace you with unconditional love. He will comfort you even in your darkest hour and he will show you the way out. He knows what’s in your heart. He knows who you are. You are his child. He knows what you need.

Thank you for letting me share these thoughts, that began as vignettes to my daughters, with you.

Talk Soon
~ dottie grace ~