Pause. S…L…O…W it all down has greater meaning today than at any other time in our lives. When I think of pausing during this worldwide pandemic, I feel as if I have made a gigantic leap into the great unknown, and only my faith in God gives me the hope I need not fear these times but to embrace them. This pause is a reminder that life is fragile, messy, painful, and so so beautiful.

Perhaps now is the time to create and to listen to the whispers of your heart’s desires, your passions, and what makes you feel alive.

Lean into your dreams and let go of what is holding you back. Take each day with the promise to begin. Begin to read that book you have wanted to read or write that book you have wanted to write, try new recipes, create, support your local community, check on your neighbors, family, and friends, whatever it is that you want to begin, take this time of pause, and simply start.

Be, in this moment of pause… write all that you have taken for granted and what you are most excited about doing once we see brighter days ahead, and we will see more glorious days. Perhaps God is reminding us that each day is a precious gift, and life is a blink of an eye.

With Gratitude,



Happy New Decade! Here’s To Fresh Beginnings…

There is an excitement that stirs within me with feelings of hope, faith, and fresh beginnings. A new decade to wake up each morning with gratitude and God’s grace. Each day we have an opportunity to create the life intended for each one of us. For me, each day is a new day of renewed faith in my dreams and inspiration to never, never, never, give up. 

The stars have aligned in my life to create and host Beautiful Adventures – Luxury Girlfriend Getaways, giving me the opportunity designed to create a once-in-alifetime experience for a gathering of women. This year will be my third to host our annual Beautiful Adventure, and I could not be more excited to visit Nashville Tennesse. Nashville, known as Music City, has a vibrant downtown and the Iconic Ryman Auditorium, home to the Grand Ole Opry, The Music City Center, Bluebird Cafe, Bella Meade Plantation, and beautiful neighborhoods bustling with boutiques, art, and fine dining. I am counting down the days to visit The Country Living Fair in Nashville, which is on my bucket list, and I can’t wait to share this with the women who plan to join us on this year’s Beautiful Adventures. So many surprises in store.

This year also promises to bring much-anticipated travel abroad to the South of France in late Spring and Tuscany Italy in the Fall. I can hardly wait to visit and shop the French and Italian flea markets, brocantes and exploring the breathtaking landscapes, villages, spend time with the locals, and the incredible cuisine. 

Here’s to a new decade, beautiful adventures, and fresh beginnings. 

With Gratitude, 


BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURES: Luxury girlfriend getaway new direction 2020

Ch-Ch-Changes in 2020. I am so inspired to host our third annual Beautiful Adventures – Luxury Girlfriend Getaways in 2020. I am taking a BOLD leap towards changing my current adventures and staying true to what brought me on this path. Creating Beautiful Adventures inspires one to celebrate their creative spirits. To live with intention and live it mindfully, giving support to women to follow what makes their hearts sing. Our Beautiful Adventures is a chance to spark our inspiration by taking a step back to relax, recharge, while taking in that deep breath, and exhale renewed energy. We will enjoy beautiful landscapes, culture, cuisine, and luxury accommodations, the best part of all is the shopping and exploring fabulous flea markets, homemade wares, crafts fairs, meet artisans, trendsetters, shopkeepers, style influencers here and abroad. Beautiful Adventures will allow you to meet fabulous women who will become long-lasting friends and bring you happy, inspiring memories for a lifetime.

Join us in 2020 in Sept, Columbus, Ohio, Country Living Fair, where the pages of Country Living Magazine comes to life. Details of Sept 2020 dates and booking coming soon. Limited SPACE availability. I am so excited!

You are invited to join us on our fabulous Beautiful Adventures for 2020. Bring your girlfriend, sister, daughter, or mother along for this once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to meet you.

The Country Living Fair
Brings the magazine’s content to life and gives readers access to a unique shopping experience in four individual outdoor settings across the country. Each Fair features 200+ vendors from over 25 states. Vendors include antique sellers, food purveyors, artists,
furniture makers, crafters, and more. Guests will also have a chance to meet Country
Living editors and special guests; attend cooking, crafting, and DIY demonstrations and book signings; sample locally sourced, artisanal food; and participate in make & take workshops.

Beautiful Adventures – 2020




Happy Dance is seriously happening on this end. 2020 Beautiful Adventures is going to be intoxicating. We are doing two incredible Beautiful Adventures – Luxury Girlfriend Getaways. I am currently healing and physically recovering from three surgeries in 2018 and one surgerythis year. I am devoting our 2020 Beautiful Adventures to ”Giving Ourselves Grace” Imagine a week of taking that deep breath and exhaling renewal, healing, inspiration, and recharging. A week to be completely catered too and pampered. You will enjoy gorgeous landscapes and the finest cuisine, beautiful luxury accommodations, and of course so much fun with a small gathering of Women who will become long-lasting friends. Reveal coming soon. Here are a few hints: One will be during a Lilac festival and you will escape into somewhere in time. And the other a lavender festival often described as Americas Provence. They are both surrounded by water. Can you guess??

Save-The-Dates – June 9-14, 2020 & July 13 – 19, 2020


2019 Beautiful Adventures Await!

2019 Beautiful Adventures Await!

Happy New Year Friends! As the new year is already a few weeks in, I can not shake this inner excitement of what 2019 will bring into my life. What I do know for sure is that I want to take each new day to remind myself that every breath I take is another gift God has given me. I have started my day by writing in my gratitude book and a pray that I make the right life choices intended for me and to be fully present. In this new year for me, I want to focus on balance in my daily life, spiritually, physically and mentally. I am by nature a caretaker. I have always put myself last. I am going to work on taking care of me so that I can take care of my families needs. This is the year for Beautiful Adventures. I say “Yes” to beautiful adventures and all that this new year brings to me. I am wishing each of you a beautiful new year!
This year I will be hosting my 2nd Black Sheep Fleas Beautiful Adventures – Luxury Girlfriend Getaway Sept 29 – Oct 6, in Waco and Round Top Texas. We will visit the Magnolia Market at the Silo’s, and stay in two of the famous HGTV “Fixer Upper” Chip and Joanna Gaines featured homes, breakfast at their new Magnolia Table restaurant. And of course Shop more around Waco. Once we leave Waco we will head to Round Top Texas during Round Top’s fabulous Antique Week where we will shop for vintage and antique treasures for days. This is a antique’s junky dream. We will stay at the beautiful Vintage at Round Top, We must attend Junk Gypsies annual prom dressed up in vintage prom dresses. Too much fun. We will dine at the local’s favorite Texan eateries and fine dining. We have so many surprises in store for our group of Women. This adventure is on my bucket list and I can not wait!
Wait we have exciting news! We have just recently had two new spots available for this year’s adventure. Click here for all the details and our online booking form. You can fill out our booking form and include your girlfriend who you would like to join you on this adventure. This adventure will have only 12 women on our adventure. You will find new best friends and lifetime memories during this amazing beautiful adventure. Is this your year to say “YES” to Beautiful Adventures. Wishing each of you a fabulous and beautiful New Year.

With Gratitude,