Pause. S…L…O…W it all down has greater meaning today than at any other time in our lives. When I think of pausing during this worldwide pandemic, I feel as if I have made a gigantic leap into the great unknown, and only my faith in God gives me the hope I need not fear these times but to embrace them. This pause is a reminder that life is fragile, messy, painful, and so so beautiful.

Perhaps now is the time to create and to listen to the whispers of your heart’s desires, your passions, and what makes you feel alive.

Lean into your dreams and let go of what is holding you back. Take each day with the promise to begin. Begin to read that book you have wanted to read or write that book you have wanted to write, try new recipes, create, support your local community, check on your neighbors, family, and friends, whatever it is that you want to begin, take this time of pause, and simply start.

Be, in this moment of pause… write all that you have taken for granted and what you are most excited about doing once we see brighter days ahead, and we will see more glorious days. Perhaps God is reminding us that each day is a precious gift, and life is a blink of an eye.

With Gratitude,