Nest: (n.) a place of retreat, rest, or lodging.

Our nest is blessed. My husband and I, during the building process of our home, wrote a prayer on a piece of paper of what we hoped our home would be blessed with. I folded the paper and put it under one of the stairs before the carpet was laid. We wrote that we hoped our home would be filled with laughter, love, joy, gratitude and a place where our family and friends would gather and memories are made. We hoped it to be a place where we could put our feet up while enjoying the incredible surroundings and majestic valley here in Midway, Utah. Hope that it would be a place where we would find healing.

Nesting, to me is all about creating the heartbeat of your home, where your soul resides and your spirit rests.

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I love nests, and designing them. The nests above are each adorned with a vintage door knob egg that I patinated to give them a robin egg blue color and if you look closely, you will see a shape of a heart in the patina. 🙂 I create these nests by starting with grapevine and then wrapping them in angel vine then perch them on a manzanita branch. I sprinkle mosses for texture. Each nest’s shape is unique and one of a kind.

Finding where a nest would look fabulous in your home is the easy part. These nests are about 12” – 18” wide and make such a “Wow” statement. Nests can complement your designs, both indoors or outdoors, can be hung on a wall, door, used as a centerpiece for your table or tucked into any design vignette.

Happy Spring!

With Gratitude,