Weather In Round Top And Waco, Texas – Sept – Oct
Hey, it’s Texas and the weather will vary. It can be rainy and hot or just plain cold. But rest assured that bad weather will not stop the Shows. Rain or shine, Antiques Week will be open. The outdoor fields are just that, fields, and the terrain may be soggy or even muddy after a good rain, so bring your boots if it looks like it might be wet. Expect temperatures to range from the 70s to 80s. As we get closer we will have a more accurate temperature. Fall is a perfect time to be in Round Top.

What should we wear while in Round Top
Ladies: Cowgirl sassy, gypsy chic, cute rubber boots, jeans, shorts, dresses, prom dresses, cowboy hats, red hats, tiaras. It’s all good…. and dressing up is part of the fun! Remember, they are “fields” so if the weather is bad it may get muddy, carry a small umbrella, a hat and a change of shoes and dress in layers. (The Original Round Top quote)

Texas Cuisine –
Everything’s Bigger and Better: The best things to eat in Texas and worth taking a trip through the Lone Star State and sample classic dishes including, Peacan Pie, Chicken Fried Steak, Cowboy Chili and plently of Barbecue. Your in for a treat with the best Texan Cuisine around. We will be sampling the finest local eateries around.

Food Allergies –
You will be filling out a personal profile and you will be asked this question to let us know what food allergies you have.

Our Welcome dinner –
Our Private catered dinners will be very special we will need to of any foods you do not like and if your vegeterian.

Beverages –
All beverages are included with all meals included in our Beautiful Adventure Including Alcoholic and NonAlcoholic beverages.

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