Beautiful Adventures

Nashville Tennessee

You are warmly invited to join us. Beautiful Adventures, to Nashville, Tennessee. I am so intrigued and inspired by creating our one-of-a-kind itinerary.

You will receive your Itinerary 30 days before we embark on our Beautiful Adventures. You will also enjoy a monthly newsletter that unfolds all the details day by day. For example, your first newsletter will be an introduction, and highlights of Nashville, which is the largest city of Tennesse. The next newsletter will share the details of day one, and so on.

An unforgettable experience you will share with a small group of women who love to travel. Nashville, known as (Music City) is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the birthplace of the famous Grand Ole Opry. In 1941 Nashville was the first city in the country to be granted an FM-broadcasting license.

Can you Imagine exploring the vibrant heartbeat of downtown Nashville? I am over the moon, excited!

We will enjoy charming neighborhoods of Nashville and surrounding historic towns with unique shopping districts, quaint landmarks, savor the flavors of Nashville and dine in Nashville’s finest dining establishments and local favorites.

You will enjoy luxury shared accomodations, a chauffeur in our own private luxury vehicle while doing Nashville in style.

Woohoo! We are Going to The Country Living Fair; a bucket-list must. I cannot wait to meet the artisans, lifestyle influencers, and trendsetters who bring The Country Living Magazine to life. Included in our adventure, we will have the opportunity to meet Country Living editors and special guests. We will enjoy VIP passes to the fair, attend cooking classes, crafting, DIY demonstrations, farm dinners, home tours, live music, and more. Leap and join us on this magical Beautiful Adventures. Minimal space is available. Take a leap! I can’t wait to meet you.

*Note – Our Beautiful Adventures are designed for you and your favorite girlfriend, sister, mom, daughter to book together.