In this new year, I see many adventures on the horizon, meeting new friends and nurturing the friendships I have been blessed with. This new year brings change and anticipation of what is yet to be. To live my life on purpose, with mindful intentions.. To let go of what has not served me and to make room for the dreams I have in my heart. May this year we all seek a Beautiful and Joyful life. And so the Adventure begins…….

Introducing Black Sheep Flea’s Beautiful Adventures – Luxury Girlfriend Getaway! Celebrating our Creative Spirits.
I will be hosting our first annual beautiful adventure getaway July 17 -22, 2018. We will enjoy taking time out of our busy lives and savoring the moment in one of my very favorite regions in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, known as the Olympic Peninsula. You can read all of the details on our Beautiful Adventures page Here. We are officially booked for this adventure, however you are welcome to request putting your name on our waiting list.

Celebrating Our Creative Spirits
I know living a creative life for me also means taking a breath to renew my creative spirit. Our Beautiful Adventures is dedicated to inspire our creative spirits and to give ourselves time to breathe, relax, explore, meet new and lasting friends, laugh, share, enjoy the beauty of new discoveries and eat fabulous food.