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We warmly invite you to join us for our 2021 Beautiful Adventures in Nashville Tennesse. September 8 – 15, 2021. Our Beautiful Adventures bring together women  who are inspired to travel and enjoy meeting fabulous women. What makes our  Beautiful Adventures so unique is all in the details. My favorite part of creating the  best itinerary and incredible surprises for all our Beautiful Adventures is the  anticipation of the smiles it brings to each guest. I intend to create a mindful,  inspiring, and unforgettable experience for each woman who joins us year after  year. Each Beautiful Adventure is custom-designed to bring its uniqueness to your  travels. Not one Beautiful Adventure is alike, so if you choose to join us on many  adventures along the way, you will be “Wowed” every time. Our guests of eight are  the perfect size to get to know new lifelong friendships. I prefer to keep our groups  intimate and small to bring each of you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are  wondering what you will do when you get there? No worries, we will have your  days all planned out, including luxury accommodations, breakfast, lunch, and  dinners, private transportation for the duration of our Beautiful Adventures, so all  you have to worry about is bringing your girlfriend and fun with you. I can’t wait  to meet you.

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Black Sheep Flea – EST. 2015

Our Definition of Black Sheep Flea and Mission Statement

A Black Sheep: She Believes in and Celebrates Her Own Unique and  Extraordinary Talents – She Seeks to Live a Purposed Life with Grace – She  Embraces Life, Inspired by Creative Beautiful Adventures.

Black Sheep Flea: We Believe in and Celebrate Our Own Unique and  Extraordinary Talents – We Seek to Live Purposed Lives with Grace – We believe  Life is a Beautiful Adventure.

We Invite You to Follow our Flock of Unique Black Sheep Who Bravely Stand Out  and Fiercely Follow Their Dreams.

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