“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”
~ Emily Bronte

Just as the seasons change, so does the yearning of the heart. I would never have guessed that this year my restless spirit would take me on new adventures. Being creative is not a choice. To me, it’s a calling from my soul. A gift from God to share.
Black Sheep Flea’s new, Beautiful Adventures, is all about Celebrating Our Creative Spirits. Sometimes we need to explore and venture out into the world to allow our creative spirits to connect with others. Take a breath and savor the moment.
Be truly in the moment. ~ Click here ~ Beautiful Adventures Await!

With Gratitude, Happy Fall!

Breathing In The New Year

2017….. I find myself in anticipation of new adventures, time to reflect, reviving lost parts of me, and breathing deeply.
This year I am going to focus on taking better care of myself by losing weight that crept on during some very difficult and painful family challenges.
It is my journey to nurture my body, mind and spirit, and find balance along the way.
I will rest when I need to rest, eat healthy, spend more time with my family and my friends. I will meet and enjoy new friends, live my dreams, have more fun, create more and inspire more. I will find inspiration for myself by traveling and exploring more.
I have so many blessings and so much love around me. I am truly blessed. By the Grace of God this will be the year that I take care of myself… and remind myself to breathe deeply.
Happy Winter!

Highlights Of The Vintage Whites Market In SLC UT

I could not be more proud and humbled for the many new, old and lasting friends who came out to support Black Sheep Flea at the Vintage Whites Market in SLC.
 Our Black Sheep Flea Team who volunteered their time, talents and strengths were amazing. Big hugs and gratitude goes out to Becky Stephens, Luanne Sprong, Tara Bates, Carleen Affleck and Sherrie Rawlings. We ROCKED as a team and individually these incredible ladies brought so much to the success of our market and made each customer feel so special.
I am thankful for my go to construction designer Taylor Archibald who consistently brings my vision to life and to my brother Bob Affleck who has been my constant support. My family who has believed in me and has supported me in this new adventure. 
My husband Eric who is the love of my life, he continues to support me and believes in my dream. 
Only through Grace could I have such a beautiful life. I am blessed.
 Sharing some highlights of the market and my favorite designs. Enjoy! 

Photo 1 Black Sheep Flea Team
VWM Booth Photo 2


VWM Booth Photo 3
VWM Booth Photo 4
Succulent Heart Photo 5
Reclaimed Barnwood Succulent heart Photo 6
Vintage Headboard Herb Garden Photo 7
Vintage Stove Photo 8
Vintage Trike Photo 9
Planters Photo 10
Bird Nest Wreath Photo 11
Choose Joy Photo 12


Autumn and the Holiday’s inspired my designs for these fabulous vintage Bundt cake wreaths. I hope you are enjoying this magical time of year as I am.

Studio 5 – Bundt Pan Wreaths

Bundt Pan Wreaths November 6th, 2015 @ 11:00am PrintEmail link It’s a project idea that might revolutionize the traditional front door wreath or centerpiece. Suzie Stroup shares how to create a floral wreath with a repurposed bundt cake pan!…


I just fell in love with these rare Poppy and Avocado colored vintage Bundt cake pans. I was so inspired to nest this beauty inside a stunning bittersweet wreath (left photo) I used fresh mini pumpkins, frog eye, broom corn, seeded euc, berries and magnolia
( Right photo)

Savoring autumn with fresh bay leaf, herbs and fall leaves from my garden. The berries
inspire a festive gathering.


This fabulous vintage Bundt cake wreath was inspired by fresh bay leaf, herbs and berries. The aroma is heavenly!


Stunning fresh bay leaf and herbs inspired a fresh flowering kale to center this lovely creamy white vintage Bundt cake pan.

My signature design – Inspired by my love for autumn succulents, autumn leaves, acorns from my garden. This enchanting designs vintage bundt cake pan from Germany. This extraordinary tarnished patina bundt cake pan served up on this lovely tin tray.


With A Thankful And Grateful Heart,


Savoring Autumn

Tell stories around the fire – Put on longsleeves – Read a book under a tree – Jump in the leaves – Wrap your hands around a hot mug – Eat a caramel apple – Be outdoors – Feel crisp autumn breezes – Roast marshmallows – Carve a pumpkin – Go on a hayride – Hold hands and get cozy – Wear a scarf – Bake cookies and pies – Take a drive just to look at leaves ~ Savor Autumn ~




With Gratitude,